The alliance of talented teams

Our experienced and dedicated staff is committed to the highest level of products your company can expect.

Our strength lies primarily in the combination of an experienced and multilingual team based in New Caledonia and a talented Chinese team of buyers based in ShangHai.

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Strategic international network

EURAPAC is based in various countries which have been strategically selected to get the highest profit for our customers.

We are located in :

  • Asia (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia)
  • Africa (Gabon, Senegal, Ivory Coast)
  • South America (Brazil)
  • Oceania (New Caledonia, Australia, Wallis, French Polynesia, Vanuatu)
  • Europe (France)
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Heavy emphasis on quality controls

Our quality controls are made by our own “quality controls division management” and in strict accordance with the customers specifications.

We have a real know-how about quality controls procedures that we have been experiencing for more than 20 years in China.

Complete customer’s follow-up

EURAPAC follows and assist the customers from the sourcing to the delivery and far beyond thanks to the after-sales division.